I like aquariums and tropical fish, nutella, Kid Cudi, chocolate milk, good morning texts, making people smile, pranking my friends, laughing, summer days and summer nights, bumming around, being a badass, living under a rock, Pink Floyd, shopping, daydreaming, clown fishes, Weezy F. Baby, zombies, kissing, katamari, reading books, manicures, bright colors, singing, dancing, making silly faces, being impressed. I don't like squirrels or dolphins or very windy days.

oh yeah, and this is my dream log.

allysonincatland whispered : are you actually online O_o

… no.

wow. so all my friends are going to this party next weekend and my boyfriend is even fucking DJing at this party with other friends and i can’t go because the people hosting the party hate me and robbed me and peed in my living room on my birthday last year, not to mention they hate me. the whole clique. so i can’t go. because if i go, THEY will start drama but I’LL get blamed because it’ll be “well everything was fine till SHE got here. she started drama.” (side note: when have i EVER started drama? i think i’m the kind of person that just “nopes” my way out of or away from drama…)

i hate that my boyfriend’s roommate is dating this chick. first of all, he was a really cool dude and now we can’t be friends anymore because that would allow that toxic group back into my life. i finally found a group of friends that are genuine and respect me for me and i really love them…  but now we can never hang out because he always brings her (and her stupidfuck “sis”). i really fucking miss my friends. it’s not fair that this dumb bitch and her clique followed me to this friend group and took these friends away from me.


finna retire this blog and start a new one (:

actually not even i’m just downgrading this to my vapid reblog blog; my new one is gonna be more personal and stuff.

blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i still can’t decide on a new name ;____;

i don’t want to deal with tomorrow. ╮(╯_╰)╭

so my facebook app on my phone restarted??? idk? anyways whenever i go on fb it’s for like a second and to do one thing. like “oh here’s that link to that thing” and i never even look at any friend requests, messages, or notifications. because i know facebook tells people when i’ve looked at shit they’ve sent me or whatever. and i don’t want anybody getting the idea that i check facebook… ever…

okay so my app restarted and i got a notification for every unanswered friend request (20something?) message (30+ people sending me at least one message) and ??? notifications? anyways my phone went insane for a moment. and i’m thinking that’s a pretty good reason to delete the app~★•×°*` ╮(*¯︶¯*)╭

oh no i ran out of queued posts


Don’t flirt subtly or drop hints I’m dumb be blunt

did somebody say blunts?

4 score and 20 blaze it
- abraham lincoln (via slugpunx)

(Fuente: iamjard)


imagine your icon getting their blog deleted





pro = good

con = bad



wake up america

If “pro” is the opposite of “con”, what’s the opposite of “progress”?




if i stay in bed i’ll be warm

if i get in the shower i’ll also be warm

but the distance between the bed and the shower


that is not warm